The most oppressed people group in the world today is one which is scattered across all countries and cultures. They are completely vulnerable and have absolutely no political power and no way to fend for themselves or even to make their voices heard wherever they are. Because of that, they are constantly dehumanised and deprived of their right just to live, and any remaining law which affords them the least form of protection are being threatened perhaps most of all (and very ironically so) by so-called “human rights” groups who aggressively seek to abolish those laws, while these people continue to be killed at a rate that has far surpassed all the worst genocides in known history combined – an estimated 10 million every year – often in the most inhumane and painful ways like chemical burning and dismemberment, sometimes having their body parts sold by their murderers to be used for experiments. The ill (and, in some places, the females) are especially targeted for extermination and there are fewer and fewer places on this earth that they are safe.

They are our unborn children.