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Topic: Let’s Talk… about Life
Date: Saturday, 9 January 2021
Time: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

6.30 pmIntroduction + Prayer
6.45 pmConversation


We hear nowadays, “My body, my choice!” It’s the woman’s decision and choice to have an abortion, isn’t it? Who are we to interfere?

Isn’t the fetus just a clump of cells which is totally dependent upon the woman to survive? It couldn’t be a person with a right to life, right?

Shouldn’t we just trust women to make their own decisions, and allow them the freedom and liberty to make their own choices? Isn’t this what the State should do?

Shouldn’t we avoid imposing certain religious beliefs about the unborn upon a secular society? After all, we are a multireligious, multiracial country.

And most of all, a lack of medical access to abortion would literally force thousands of innocent women into the dark alleys of our country to have unsafe, life-threatening illegal abortions. We cannot allow this as a civil society.

The core of this conference is an interactive, lively Q&A with the panelists.

This would be the time to have your questions concerning the controversial issue of abortion answered.

About the panelists

Leo Hee Khian (guest speaker)

Leo is a professional counsellor and runs a ministry called the Voice of Wilderness. He has been in an adventure with God that began with him selling his home to eventually renting a property to house single mothers.

Dr Vincent Chia

Dr Chia is a Family Physician, and has a special interest in Bioethics having read it during his early postgraduate training. The Lord placed in his heart a particular burden for orphans for several years. This burden became more specific when it dawned upon him that aborted children are a special group of “orphans” – children that were unwanted by their parents and relegated for destruction. Besides his medical work, he enjoys reading Philosophy and Theology, and hunting for critters with his 6-year-old daughter. He is also currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Divinity.

Pastor Au Yeong Hau Tzeng

Pastor Hau Tzeng is a graduate of The Masters University (Santa Clarita, California) and Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), and an associate pastor at Pilgrim Covenant Church in Singapore, but also ministers across the border at Johor Bahru Covenant Fellowship in Malaysia.

Asaph Ho, Lester Chen, Samuel Ho, Yvonne Teo

These brothers (and sister) are members from Reformed Churches who are convicted by Scriptural truth, particularly regarding social issues such as abortion.

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