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A Syllogism showing why Abortion is Wrong

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Pro-abortion advocates would like you to believe that abortion is a complex matter. But that is very misleading. Abortion is actually a very simple issue, morally speaking. The Pro-Life argument can in fact be summarised with a syllogism. Abortion, however, might be complex emotionally. But morality cannot be determined based upon emotions or personal preferences….

Withdrawing Life Support to “Minimise Suffering”

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Q&A Snippet: “Is it justifiable to withdraw life support from a dying child to “minimize suffering”?” There are (at least) three necessary conditions for the occurrence of passive euthanasia: 1) there is withdrawing or withholding of life-prolonging/sustaining treatment 2) the main purpose/intent (or one of the main purposes/intents) of this withdrawing or withholding is to…

Usage of Contraceptives?

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Q&A Snippet: “Is the use of contraceptives permitted if the family does not have the means to bring up children?” Also related to this question is this, “This family couldn’t afford another child. It is reasonable for them to terminate their pregnancy. By the way, they are plenty of orphans and unwanted children in the…

Can Christians go for IVF?

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Q&A Snippet: “Should Christian couples use IVF to have children?” Two main issues are mentioned in this brief response: 1) The problem of excess embryos in storage, and 2) Selective termination of pregnancy in IVF. How would the understanding that “life begins at conception” impact our perspective of IVF? Moreover, is the giving up of…

Embryology: Human Life Begins At Conception


It is an established fact in cell biology that living organisms perform vital biological functions such as nutrition, transport, respiration, synthesis, assimilation, growth, excretion, regulation, reproduction, and metabolism. Incontrovertibly, the human embryo performs similar life functions which are analogous to that of humans in later developmental stages, and should be regarded as a living organism….

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