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Let’s Talk… about Life


We hear nowadays, “My body, my choice!” It’s the woman’s decision and choice to have an abortion, isn’t it? Who are we to interfere?

Isn’t the fetus just a clump of cells which is totally dependant upon the woman to survive? It couldn’t be a person with a right to life, right?

Shouldn’t we just trust women to make their own decisions, and allow them the freedom and liberty to make their own choices? Isn’t this what the State should do?

Shouldn’t we avoid imposing certain religious beliefs about the unborn upon a secular society? After all, we are a multireligious, multiracial country.

And most of all, a lack of medical access to abortion would literally force thousands of innocent women into the dark alleys of our country to have unsafe, life-threatening illegal abortions. We cannot allow this as a civil society.

The core of this conference is an interactive, lively Q&A with the panelists.

This would be the time to have your questions concerning the controversial issue of abortion answered.

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