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The Scientific Consensus on the Status of the Unborn

The scientific consensus on the moral status of the unborn: the unborn is a distinct, living and whole human being. It is not a clump of cells or lump of tissues.

It follows that when one intentionally and deliberately kills the preborn child in the womb, it is not the same as clipping off your nails or shaving off your hair. It is murder.

The preborn child is not a part of the woman’s body. This is embarrassingly clear as a woman does not have two heads, two genitalia, two hearts, two kidneys, or two livers. The developing child is simply residing within the woman’s body – just where he ought to be.

The mantra – “My body my choice” – is empty rhetoric. We are not talking about a woman’s body. If the preborn child is indeed a part of the woman’s body, and if the woman is pregnant with a son, then the pregnant woman has both a penis and a vagina, two brains and two spleens – a freak of nature.

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