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Abortion: The Biblical, Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives

We thank the Lord for the successful conclusion of our first ever conference. Thanks again to all who joined us, and if you missed it, you can watch the recording embedded in this post. We covet your prayers that the Lord will guide us in the way forward as to how we can continue this work of speaking up, not only for the unborn, but for Christ, as our nation continues the slaughter of unborn children.


In our culture, it is often touted that abortion is a complex ethical issue, and access to abortion ought to be a fundamental right of women.

How should we understand this controversial matter? Is abortion, then, an objective moral wrong – an act that should be condemned as such?

Furthermore, Pro-Life advocates had been accused of presenting a “religious” perspective on abortion. Is this a fair allegation? How are Christians to set forth their convictions concerning abortion in a rational manner to an unbelieving secular world that rejects the Bible as God’s revelation?

Have your questions answered in this seminar on abortion.

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