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Abortion: What Are The Key Issues? – R.C. Sproul

Lesson Summary

Abortion is an issue highly charged with passion and emotion, given that lives are at stake. And yet, the added passions more often than not, served only to add more heat than light to this already highly complex and divisive issue.

Nevertheless, given its great import, it is imperative for us not to ignore this profoundly ethical issue any longer and, however difficult it is, to get to the bottom of this matter.

It is thus our plea to you, dear reader, that whatever side of the issue you are on, be it pro-abortion, choice or life, all of us must come together with great care, to examine this massive collision or conflict of perceived rights, and with wisdom, sort out what rights have priorities over other perceived rights in Abortion.

We are thus greatly blessed to have R.C. Sproul to delve with us rationally and systematically, through the depths of key issues shrouding Abortion, to come to the truth, at the heart of the matter.

What Are The Key Issues?

1. The Rights of Women

Women are the ones who must carry the child in her own body, till birth, going through its travail and uniquely responsible for the care and development of the child.

2. The Right of Privacy

Many countries in the world are gradually facing increasing governmental rule into the private dimensions of human life, like family, sexuality and in this case, pregnancy and birth.

3. The Rights of the Individual

A republic takes very seriously the process of democratic elections and majority selections of candidates for high office, but with the restraints of foundational constitutional law, to restrain or prevent the tyranny of a majority over a minority.

4. The Rights of the Unborn

At the heart of Abortion is the question, “How much right should the law accord to an unborn fetus or child?”

5. The Separation of Church and State

The Constitution protects both the right to exercise religion freely and the right to not be involved in any religious expression as well. So, there is great fear among the people that their personal liberties will be taken away by religions exercising power blocs for religious reasons.

6. Is Abortion murder?

A singular core question with plural dimensions lies at the pivot on which all issues converged critically on, “Is Abortion an act that involves the willful destruction of a (1) living, (2) human (3) person?”

7. When does Life Begin?

One unspoken and tacit assumption is, “How do we come to the conclusion?” People come from all walks of life and subscribe to different sources of authority for their reason, (1) The Bible as the word of God or (2) Science or Natural Law and (3) The Law of the Land or The Appeal to The Mass. It is thus imperative for us to examine each of these three sources.


Therefore, with these issues laid out at a glance and what is at stake here, it is our plea to you again, dear reader, that whatever position you hold now, please examine it carefully. We need to ask ourselves what is our positions and why do we hold that positions, as we look at the evidences and examination of these key issues, in the subsequent lessons, with clear deliberation and analysis.

You can access the full teaching series, A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue by R.C. Sproul here.

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