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The start of this group

By the grace of God, Reformed For Life was launched in early October 2019 by 5 Reformed Christians in Singapore, with the goal to spread the Gospel, and also to advocate against social issues (like abortion) that are an abomination in the sight of our Lord.

The group was originally started by Pastor Au Yeong Hau Tzeng (Pastor of Pilgrim Covenant Church), to advocate against abortion in Singapore. Today, we hope to expand the group to one that advocates against other social issues as well.

We do all these out of the love of God, and not for ourselves. For God so loved us, that He has given us His only Son for us (John 3:16). Hence, we should, by God’s grace, advocate against such issues actively. We cannot simply stand aside and wait for others to do something, for the Bible is very clear that we should not keep silent on such matters.

Due to limited manpower, we will focus on each topic for a period of time, and move on to the next when the time is ready. This way, the website may slowly build up to be a one-stop resource for materials to advocate against such issues. The first topic that we will focus on (as of the time of writing) is abortion, which is currently trending.

If you would like to help us with our cause, do share our website with your family and friends. Let us pray that the Lord have mercy upon us and help us with this cause – for our Lord.

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Reformed For Life

A group of Reform­ed Christians in Singa­pore ad­vocating for truth, jus­tice, righ­teousness, and com­passion in so­ciety, with the Bible as our ba­sis, the glory of God as our aim, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the cen­tre of our mes­sage.