Romans 10

The Sin of Abortion [Preface]


What is the basis for defining abortion as sin? In a society where moral objectivity is often questioned, the Christian is frequently asked, “Why are you so against sin? Who are you to say that I am the one that’s wrong here?” You may very well be ready to direct those questions at us too,…

Not Just a Clump of Cells


An essential premise for our argument as to why abortion is wrong is that the unborn child is a human person deserving of protection. While we seek to establish this point, we are not so naive as to think that those who support abortion do not know that the unborn child is a human person….

Titanic Belfast

Abortion Legalized in Northern Ireland


On Monday, 21 October, legislation decriminalizing abortion came into force in Northern Ireland, following the passing of a deadline without a devolved government being formed. This development has been hailed as a triumph for human rights, particularly, women’s rights. The Guardian published an article[1] with the subheadline “Decriminalisation puts an end to years of the…


Why Speak Out Against Abortion?


Why make it such a big deal? Let’s talk straight. The simple fact is, if children dying aren’t worth making noise about, nothing is. Not the costs of living going up, not the MRT trains breaking down. We all know how to complain about the things that we are concerned about, namely, ourselves. It is about time we Christians say something for the benefit of others, particularly those who are being led to the slaughter….

An Appeal to Abortion Supporters


I humbly urge those who support women being given the right to have an abortion to calmly consider what you are supporting. Consider what abortion is: It is an act which brings about the end of the life of a child yet in the womb, who under normal circumstances would have gone on to live….

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